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Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (Enhanced Edition) Mubo’s Workshop 100% – All Gear Journal Entries

This video series covers all missable Journal Entries and all Trophies and Tasks which are required to earn the Platinum. All scans, a few Collectibles and Secondary Tasks are required to unlock all trophies, they are specified in each video. The Collectibles in this video include: The Gear Journal Entries are bit different than the […]

Horizon Call of the Mountain All Collectibles (Lore)

There’s a total of 144 Collectibles to find in Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Everything can be collected after completing the main story. You unlock mission-select and can replay every mission. Besides being able to replay missions, the game shows you Collectible counters for each mission, making it possible to track down what you’re missing. […]