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Soulstice – All Collectibles Guide [Challenges, Health & Entropy Upgrades]

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There is a total of 38 collectibles to find throughout the game. You need to find all 18 Shards (located in story mode), they are either blue (Entropy upgrade) or green (Health upgrade). Next you need to find all 20 Challenges which look like portals. Most collectibles are hidden along the main path, often you need to run against the camera to find a collectible.

Collectibles by type

You need to pick up the shards (by walking over them) and trigger the next checkpoint to save the collectible – then you can leave the level safely. The Challenges are saved when you activate the portals. There are 2 trophies tied to collecting the shards/upgrades:

The rest of the shards are earned by completing the 20 Challenges. Click here for the Challenges Guide.


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