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Atomic Heart All Collectibles - Chirpers & Talking Dead Locations

Atomic Heart All Chirpers & Talking Dead Locations

The main focus of this guide is collecting all 81 Chirpers and talk with all 46 Dead Corpses. This video series will be divided into the different areas of the game to make it more manageable.

Note that most of the Collectibles are missable! You can’t backtrack to all areas.

Collectibles overview

  • 81 Chirpers (trophy Burning Ears)
  • 46 Talking Corpses (trophy The Necromancer)
  • 3 Dead Animals (trophy Beast Friend)
  • 98 Apples (trophy Apple Pie)
  • 24 Lootyagins (trophy More Than Profit)

Following this video series, collecting the items in the shown order will make sure that you don’t miss any Chirpers or Talking Dead. The only thing that you need to be aware off is to backup your save near the end of the game.

Then you can reload and complete remaining Lootyagins and clean-up random misc trophies.

Facility 3826

Forester Area

Exhibition Center VDNH

Open World (All Sectors)

Lastochkin Theater

Infirmary & Pavlov Complex