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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – All DMW Image Locations Guide

The DMW (Digital-Mind-Have) has a total of 18 images to collect. Only 1 image is missable. The first 7 images are automatically unlocked through normal story progression – they’re unmissable. The last 10 are collected through missions (can be done at any time). Collecting all 18 DMW images unlock the trophy trophy Limit Break Collector.

DMW images

#1 – Sephiroth (Story-related)

#2 – Angeal (Story-related)

#3 – Tseng (Story-related)

#4 – Aerith (Story-related)

#5 – Cloud (Story-related)

#6 – Cissnei (Story-related)

#7 – Genesis (Story-related)

#8 – Phoenix – The summon materia is collected in chapter 8 (MISSABLE)

#9 – Ifrit – Complete M.8-1-1

#10 – Bahamut – Complete M.8-1-4

#11 – Odin – Complete M.8-1-6

#12 – Chocobo – Complete M.8-4-1

#13 – Cait Sith – Complete M-8-4-3

#14 – Moogle – Complete M-8-4-4

#15 – Bahamut Fury – Complete M-8-5-6

#16 – Magic Pot

Before you can get the Magic Pot DMW image, you need to play M.6-1-5 and find Tornberry. The final enemy is located to the left, instead go right to find the Tornberry. Defeating him unlocks the M.10-2 group.

The next step is to find the Magic Pot (random spawn) in M.10-2-3. Equip the materia Jump, Fira, Gravity and Assault Twister. The Magic Pot will ask for these 4 attacks, use the mentioned materia when you see the text above his head. Doing so will satisfy him and unlock the DMW image.

#17 – Tornberry – Complete M.10-2-3 (Read above on how to unlock the mission)

#18 – Kactuar

Before you can get the last DMW iamge, you need to play M.1-3-1 and defeat Kactuar. When you reach a path that goes left towards the final enemy, continue straight and turn right to find Kactuar. Complete the mission to unlock the M-10-1 group. Complete M.10-1-3 to unlock the Kactuar DMW image.

Crisis Core – How to get all DMW images

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