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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – 100% DMW Guide (AFK Farming Method)

The DMW (Digital-Mind-Wave) is one of the main mechanics in the game when it comes to fighting. It´s random which images the DMW land on during fights – 3 of the same images will sometimes trigger a flashback scene. New flashback scenes raises your percentages in the DMW – all of these are random. Getting all DMW progress to 100% unlocks the trophy trophyDMW Master.


Before you can get all DMW to 100%, you need to unlock all the images. The DMW has a total of 18 images to collect. Refer to this guide for their locations > Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – All DMW Image Locations Guide.

Players have reported that getting the last 10% for a character can take multiple hours, even 10 hours in some instances. Personally it took me about 3 hours of farming to get Genesis from 10% to 100%, Tseng from 80% to 100% and Cissnei from 90% to 100%.

It can prove quite frustrating to get specific character´s flashback scenes to appear, luckily some materia can help you get the different characters a better chance to appear on the DMW. Below you will find a list with the different materia and which shops you can purchase them. Do note that you can find the materia in chests and get some of them as rewards for completing missions.

List of Shops selling DMW materia

  • Research Dept. QMC+ (found in a chest in Chapter 9) – refer to to the collectibles guide here.
    • Octaslash (Sephiroth), Rush Assault (Angeal), Air Strike (Tseng), Meteor Shots (Cloud), Healing Wave (Aerith) and Lucky Stars (Cissnei).
  • Juno Souvenirs (Complete M2-4-1)
    • Chocobo Stomp (Chocobo), 1,000 Needles (Kactuar), Murderous Thrust (Tornberry), Courage Boost (Cait Sith), Moogle Power (Moogle) and Item Mugger (Magic Pot).
  • Bone Village Outlet (complete M7-5-3)
    • Hellfire (Ifrit), Megaflare (Bahamut), Zantetsuken (Odin), Rebirth Flame (Phoenix) and Exaflare (Bahamut Fury).
  • Online Shop Shade (Complete M9-5-4)
    • Apocalypse Materia (Genesis).

Farming Method

I recommend that you equip 4 materia with the character you are farming + 2 Lucky Stars materia. The Lucky Stars materia will help you land on Cissnei´s attack – it will give you a better DMW status increasing your chances for a new flashback scene. The DMW status could potentially end up being “Sky High” or “Heavenly” – it will highten your chances even further landing on the different characters.

Next you want to equip a Faerie Ring. For example, you get it by completing M.2-5-5, M.7-6-2 or purchasing it from the Mythril Mine Trading shop. The Faerie Ring gives you constant health regeneration, this way you can leave your game on overnight without dying.

Load up M.1-1-1 and watch it all play out. If you want, activate the Lucky Stars attack when it´s available to increase the chances for new flashback scenes. The most important thing is to complete the mission to save your progress!

The trophy unlocks when you open the DMW, if all DMW images have reached 100%.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – DMW Master Trophy Guide

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – All DMW Image Locations Guide

The DMW (Digital-Mind-Have) has a total of 18 images to collect. Only 1 image is missable. The first 7 images are automatically unlocked through normal story progression – they’re unmissable. The last 10 are collected through missions (can be done at any time). Collecting all 18 DMW images unlock the trophy trophy Limit Break Collector.

DMW images

#1 – Sephiroth (Story-related)

#2 – Angeal (Story-related)

#3 – Tseng (Story-related)

#4 – Aerith (Story-related)

#5 – Cloud (Story-related)

#6 – Cissnei (Story-related)

#7 – Genesis (Story-related)

#8 – Phoenix – The summon materia is collected in chapter 8 (MISSABLE)

#9 – Ifrit – Complete M.8-1-1

#10 – Bahamut – Complete M.8-1-4

#11 – Odin – Complete M.8-1-6

#12 – Chocobo – Complete M.8-4-1

#13 – Cait Sith – Complete M-8-4-3

#14 – Moogle – Complete M-8-4-4

#15 – Bahamut Fury – Complete M-8-5-6

#16 – Magic Pot

Before you can get the Magic Pot DMW image, you need to play M.6-1-5 and find Tornberry. The final enemy is located to the left, instead go right to find the Tornberry. Defeating him unlocks the M.10-2 group.

The next step is to find the Magic Pot (random spawn) in M.10-2-3. Equip the materia Jump, Fira, Gravity and Assault Twister. The Magic Pot will ask for these 4 attacks, use the mentioned materia when you see the text above his head. Doing so will satisfy him and unlock the DMW image.

#17 – Tornberry – Complete M.10-2-3 (Read above on how to unlock the mission)

#18 – Kactuar

Before you can get the last DMW iamge, you need to play M.1-3-1 and defeat Kactuar. When you reach a path that goes left towards the final enemy, continue straight and turn right to find Kactuar. Complete the mission to unlock the M-10-1 group. Complete M.10-1-3 to unlock the Kactuar DMW image.

Crisis Core – How to get all DMW images

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