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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Minerva Boss Guide

Welcome to my Minerva boss guide. Minerva is the secret boss in mission 9-6-6: The Reigning Deity. This boss might seem difficult at first, but there is a easy way to cheese the boss. There´s no need to max your stats. Defeating Minerva will grant you the Divine Slayer Accessory and the trophy trophy Divine Rule Broken.

Before you even attempt this boss fight, complete eveverything else possible. When you have completed the other 299 missions you´ll have alot of gil and SP to fuse materia.

The Setup

You want to equip as much Genji equipment as possible. Personally I used Genji Armor, Genji Shield, Genji Glove and the Ziedrich. The Genji Armor gives you permanent Barrier/MBarrier. The Glove breaks your damage limit and gives you permanent Critical, this way you can hit 99,999 damage almost every time. The Armor gives you permanent Endure/Regen and breaks your health limit. The Ziedrich gives you +100 SPR, VIT, MAG and ATK – it´s a great substitute for the Genji Helm. If you don´t have 1,000,000 gil for the Genji Helm, collect the Ziedrich from M.9-5-6. It can be found in a chest at the end of an optional path.

For how to acquire each piece of Genji equipment, refer to this guide > Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – How To Get All Genji Equipment.

When it comes to materia, there´s actually only two you want to equip – Costly Punch and Mug. Feel free to equip other Materia you want to use. I will recommend Dualcast and Curaga, if you want to heal yourself during the fight. You can also use X-potions or Elixirs to heal (which I did). Besides equipping Costly Punch and Mug, you need to upgrade your materia until you have 99,999 health and as close to 255 SPR and 255 ATK (max stats).

Fuse your equipped materia with materia or items that give you the desired result. For example, fuse your Curaga with a bunch of Fat Chocobo Feathers to raise your HP%. Fuse materia with Mythril to increase your SPR stat, and with Adamantite to increase your VIT stat. When you have completed every other mission, you´ll have alot of SP and items to fuse with. If you need more SP, simply convert materia you don´t use to get more. If you need more gil, go to any shop and sell whatever accessories you won´t need or use.

Your main source of damage for the fight towards Minerva is Costly Punch. Using the Materia decreases your health, but it doesn´t really matter. You can make Costly Punch materia by fusing Hammer, Magical or Goblin Punch with any DMW materia. The next materia you´ll NEED is the Mug materia – you earn it for completing some of the missions. But if you lost it by fusing it or by other means, you can fuse Steal with any materia that results in Mug.


  • Mug Vit +30
  • Drainga HP +500%
  • Moogle Power Vit +30
  • Drainga HP +810%
  • Costly Punch SPR +80
  • Curaga HP +700%


  • Ziedrich
  • Genji Shield
  • Genji Glove
  • Genji Armor


As soon as the fight starts, use Mug to steal 99 Phoenix Down from Minerva. Use a Phoenix Down to get Raise – whenever you take a lethal blow, you will get resurrected. Now you´re pretty much immortal for the whole fight. Whenever you go down, spam a new Phoenix Down as soon as you get up. Keep hitting Minerva with Costly Punch to hopefully crit 99,999 damage everytime. Even with low stats or low damage output and you being insta-killed by attacks that deal 99,999 damage, you´ll have more than enough Phoenix Down to get through the fight. The last thing you need to know is, when Minerva casts Judgement Arrow, it removes your Raise – simply use another Phoenix Down to gain Raise again.

Keep hitting Minerva with Costly Punch, and abuse Phoenix Down until you have defeated her.

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