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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – How To Get All Genji Equipment

The 4 pieces of Genji equipment is one of the best sets in the whole game. I highly recommend collecting these as early as possible. Collecting all Genji equipment will unlock the trophy trophy Genji Equipment.

#1 – Genji Armor

Earn 100% on all DMW Images to earn the Genji Armor. When you reach 100%, you need to open the pause menu and then DMW for the Genji Armor to unlock. You can farm DMW percentages on the first mission M1-1-1. Equip purple materia that helps you land on the correct DMW Images. Equip Faerie Ring to keep healing yourself if necessary – then you can leave the game for multiple hours. Remember to complete the mission to save your progress.

#2 – Genji Glove

This is probably the easiest piece of equipment to find. It can be found in a chest in a path to the left near the start of M.9-6-4.

#3 – Genji Shield

This is the trickiest piece to get. You need to encounter a Magic Pot in M.7-6-6 – keep running around the mission until you encounter one. You have to use the attacks it requests. There will be a small piece of text above it´s head.

The required materia are Gil Toss, which can be found in multiple missions. Then there´s Costly punch (get it by fusing Goblin Punch (or any “Punch” materia) with purple materia from the QMC+ shop (DMW materia). The 3rd attack the Magic Pot reuquests are any attack, as long as it deal 99,999 dmg (which is easiest done with Costly Punch from behind the enemy – if your stats are low). The last and trickiest attack is Octaslash. Here you´ll need to equip som Octaslash materia to increase your DMW chances of landing on the Sephiroth (activating Octaslash). If you don´t get the Octaslash attack, or fail some of the other requests – pause the game, forfeit the fight and retry. It does require a bit of luck to land on 3x Sephiroth with the DMW.

If you keep having trouble with the Octaslash attack, you can complete some other encounters and get your DMW up to “heavenly” status – this increases your chances of landing on 3 identical images on the DMW. Cissnei´s Lucky Stars have a chance to instantly put you in the “heavenly” state.

#4 – Genji Helm

This last piece is pretty simple to get. First you need to unlock the shop where you can buy the Genji Helm. It´s unlocked by completing M.9-5-4. The Genji Helm costs 1.000.000 to purchase. Sell all the equipment you don´t use to get enough Gil – you should have more than enough when you´re done selling or/and have completed all missions.

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