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Dead Island 2 All Lost & Found Weapon Quests Guide

Dead Island 2 All Lost & Found Weapon Quests Guide

Lost & Found Weapon Quests are the most tricky quests to complete in Dead Island 2. The quest markers are scarce and you have to track down multiple Journal Entries (Collectibles) in order to take the quest forward. There is a total of 6 Lost & Found Weapon Quests in Dead Island 2. You only need to complete 5 to unlock the following trophy:

  • trophy Sharpest Tool in the Box – Complete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests

Below you’ll find a walkthrough for each Lost & Found Weapon quest. If the quest aint available, try to complete nearby side quests or proceed with the main story. It’s best to leave Lost & Found quests until you have at least completed the main story and maybe some side quests.

My Mailman Was a Zombie! 

The Clean and The Snatch (Beverly Hills)

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash (Venice Beach)

[REDACTED] (Venice Beach)

Fool’s Gold

Drunk & Disorderly (Ocean Avenue)