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Dead Space All 12 Marker Fragments Locations (Secret Alternate Ending)

The Secret Alternate Ending is new to the Remake. There was only one ending in the original game from 2008. You need to collect all 12 Marker Fragments in New Game + to unlock the Secret Alternate Ending in Dead Space Remake. First you have to complete the game to unlock New Game +.

The Marker Fragments are ONLY available in NG+ – so you’ll have to get this trophy on your 2nd playthrough at the earliest. The 12th (and last) Marker Fragment are located in Chapter 11. After collecting all 12 Markers, you need to place them in Crew Quarters before proceeding with the story. Completing the story after placing the Markers will unlock the Secret Alternate Ending.

Marker Fragments by Chapter

  • Chapter 1 (1 Marker Fragment)
  • Chapter 2 (1 Marker Fragment)
  • Chapter 3 (1 Marker Fragment)
  • Chapter 4 (1 Marker Fragment)
  • Chapter 5 (2 Marker Fragments)
  • Chapter 6 (None)
  • Chapter 7 (2 Marker Fragments)
  • Chapter 8 (1 Marker Fragment)
  • Chapter 9 (None)
  • Chapter 10 (2 Marker Fragments)
  • Chapter 11 (1 Marker Fragment)