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One Piece Odyssey All Cube Fragment Locations

Character Cube Fragments are used to upgrade each character’s abilities and skills. They look like green cubes and are scattered across every area in the game. They are also included as rewards on some Side Stories. You need to collect a total of 296 Character Cube Fragments divided across the 9 main characters. This may sound like a lot, but actually this have a chance of unlocking naturally by the end of the game, depending on how much exploring you’ve done and how many Side Stories you’ve completed.

Trophies earned following this guide:

  • trophy Cube Collector: Luffy – x50 Cubes required
  • trophy Cube Collector: Zoro – x50
  • trophy Cube Collector: Usopp – x40
  • trophy Cube Collector: Sanji – x40
  • trophy Cube Collector: Nami – x30
  • trophy Cube Collector: Robin – x30
  • trophy Cube Collector: Chopper – x30
  • trophy Cube Collector: Franky – x20
  • trophy Cube Collector: Brook – x6

If you need some Cube Fragments for a specific character after completing the main story, I recommend following the videoes for the last areas of the game. 1 cube pickup can give up to 6 Cube Fragments in the Dressrosa Memoria and Sky Tower (Waford). For example, you pick up one green cube and get Usopp’s Cube Fragment x3 + Franky’s Cube Fragment x3.

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