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One Piece Odyssey All Side Stories Guide

There is a total of 71 Side Stories in One Piece Odyssey. They are located across all 4 Memorias and Waford. Most of the Side Stories become available as soon as you enter a new Memoria. 1 Side Story (Waford) become available after defeating the Final Boss.

NOTE: Nothing is missable! Everything can be completed after finishing the Main Story.

There are a few Side Stories that need to be completed in a specific order. For example:

  • The Truth About Eye-Lashes > Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted
  • Master and Student Showdown > Master and Student Rematch > Master and Student Final
  • Grand Line Quiz Kide Level 1-3 > Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 1-3 >Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 1-3 > Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 1-3
  • God Usopp 1 > God Usopp 2 > God Usopp 3

The easy way to find your next Side Story is to open the pause menu, go to Episode > Side Stories. Here you can see where the Side Stories are located, along with the next objective.

Completing all 71 Side Stories can take anywhere from 5-10 hours. It depends on how many Yaya Cubes you have collected throughout the main story and how many Side Stories you have completed along the way.

Side Story Overview

Alabasta (16 Side Stories)

Nanohana (4 Side Stories)

Side Story #1: Master and Student Showdown

Side Story #2: More Important Than Berries

Side Story #3: Meditator Marzin’s Quest

Side Story #4: Hungry Navi Bird

Great Sandy Desert (6 Side Stories)

Side Story #5: The Truth About Eye-Lashes

Side Story #6+#7+#8: Grand Line Quiz Kid Level 1-3

Side Story #9: Night Exterminator

Side Story #10: Master and Student Rematch

Desert near Alubarna (2 Side Stories)

Side Story #11: Master and Student Final

Side Story #12: Battlefield Courier

Alubarna (4 Side Stories)

Side Story #13: That Tea Tastes Thorny

Side Story #14: Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted

Side Story #15: Talented Doctor

Side Story #16: Dance Rehearsal

Water Seven (9 Side Stories)

Water Seven City Area (9 Side Stories)

Side Story #17+#18+#19: Grand Line Quiz Lady Level 1-3

Side Story #20: Tavern Troubles

Side Story #21: My Treasure

Side Story #22: Natural Underground Enemies

Side Story #23: Helping Iceberg 1

Side Story #24: Helping Iceberg 2

Side Story #25: Helping Iceberg 3

Marineford (5 Side Stories)

Marineford City Area (5 Side Stories)

Side Story #26+#27+#28: Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 1-3

Side Story #29: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Side Story #30: A Prisoner’s Desire

Dressrosa (11 Side Stories)

Dressrosa City Area (11 Side Stories)

Side Story #31+#32+#33: Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 1-3

Side Story #34: Taken by Tontattas

Side Story #35: God Usopp 1

Side Story #36: God Usopp 2

Side Story #37: God Usopp 3

Side Story #38: Rebuilding Dressrosa

Side Story #39: Respected Elder

Side Story #40: Someone I Must Meet

Side Story #41: My Dearest Violet

Waford (30 Side Stories)

Waford South (30 Side Stories)

Side Story #42 – #60: Yaya Cube Collector 1-19

> One Piece Odyssey All 99 Yaya Cube Locations

Side Story #61+#62+#63: Madam Julie’s Pupil 1-3

Side Story #64 – #70: Waford History 1-7

Side Story #71: Challenge Cube – NOTE: Minor Spoilers (Available after defeating the Final Boss)

> One Piece Odyssey Challenge Enemy Conqueror Guide (All Powerful Enemies)

One piece odyssey all 99 yaya cubes

One Piece Odyssey All 99 Yaya Cube Locations

There is a total of 99 Yaya Cubes in the game. All 99 are required for the trophy trophy Collector. None of the Yaya Cubes are missable. You need to give 98 of the Yaya Cubes as part of a Side Story – note that this won’t void the trophy, you don’t need to have all 99 in your possession at the same time.

There are no in-game counter to show you where the Yaya Cubes are located. They can only be found in the 4 Memorias – Alabasta, Water Seven, Marineford and Dressrosa. You can collect all Cubes around Chapter 8. I recommend that you follow the video below as you progress through the different areas, or at least note how many you have picked up in that specifc area – this can help you keep track of which you have missed or still need to collect.

You can travel to each Memoria by talking to Lim in Waford South after defeating the Final Boss.

All 99 Yaya Cubes Overview

Alabasta: Nanohana
Yaya Cube 1
Yaya Cube 2
Yaya Cube 3
Yaya Cube 4
Yaya Cube 5

Alabasta: Desert Near Nanohana
Yaya Cube 6
Yaya Cube 7
Yaya Cube 8
Yaya Cube 9

Alabasta: Great Sandy Desert
Yaya Cube 10
Yaya Cube 11
Yaya Cube 12
Yaya Cube 13

Alabasta: Desert Cave
Yaya Cube 14
Yaya Cube 15
Yaya Cube 16
Yaya Cube 17

Alabasta: Desert Near Alubarna
Yaya Cube 18
Yaya Cube 19
Yaya Cube 20
Yaya Cube 21

Alabasta: Alubarna
Yaya Cube 22
Yaya Cube 23
Yaya Cube 24
Yaya Cube 25
Yaya Cube 26

Alabasta: Alubarna Royal Mausoleum
Yaya Cube 27
Yaya Cube 28
Yaya Cube 29
Yaya Cube 30

Water Seven: Water Seven Lower Coast
Yaya Cube 31
Yaya Cube 32

Water Seven: Water Seven City Area
Yaya Cube 33
Yaya Cube 34
Yaya Cube 35
Yaya Cube 36
Yaya Cube 37
Yaya Cube 38
Yaya Cube 39
Yaya Cube 40
Yaya Cube 41
Yaya Cube 42
Yaya Cube 43
Yaya Cube 44
Yaya Cube 45
Yaya Cube 46
Yaya Cube 47
Yaya Cube 48
Yaya Cube 49
Yaya Cube 50
Yaya Cube 51

Water Seven: Dock One
Yaya Cube 52
Yaya Cube 53
Yaya Cube 54
Yaya Cube 55
Yaya Cube 56
Yaya Cube 57
Yaya Cube 58

Water Seven: Sewer
Yaya Cube 59

Water Seven: Tower of Law
Yaya Cube 60
Yaya Cube 61
Yaya Cube 62
Yaya Cube 63

Marineford: Marineford City Area
Yaya Cube 64
Yaya Cube 65
Yaya Cube 66

Dressrosa: Dressrosa City Area
Yaya Cube 67-68
Yaya Cube 69
Yaya Cube 70-71
Yaya Cube 72
Yaya Cube 73
Yaya Cube 74
Yaya Cube 75
Yaya Cube 76
Yaya Cube 77
Yaya Cube 78
Yaya Cube 79
Yaya Cube 80
Yaya Cube 81
Yaya Cube 82
Yaya Cube 83
Yaya Cube 84
Yaya Cube 85
Yaya Cube 86
Yaya Cube 87
Yaya Cube 88
Yaya Cube 89
Yaya Cube 90
Yaya Cube 91
Yaya Cube 92

Dressrosa: New Royal Plateau Bottom
Yaya Cube 93-94
Yaya Cube 95
Yaya Cube 96
Yaya Cube 97

Dressrosa: New Royal Plateau Top
Yaya Cube 98
Yaya Cube 99