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Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando All Platinum Bolts & Skill Points

There are a total of 40 Platinum Bolts and 30 Skill Points to collect and earn in Ratchet & Clank 2. The Platinum Bolts are hidden around the different planets, while the Skill Points needs to be earned by completing specifc tasks.

Collecting all of them will unlock the following trophies, trophyPlatinum Power (Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts) & trophySuper Skilled (Attain All 30 Skill Points)

You will also get most trophies for the game following this guide – some trophies are tied to 1 specific Skill Point.

Oozla – 2 Platinum Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Prehistoric Rampage – Shoot 4 Pterodactyls.

There are a total of 4 flying around. You can see all of them from your ship. Use your Lancer in 1st person view to kill all 4 Pterodactyls.

SKILL POINT #2: Smash and Grab – Bust up the Megacorp store.

The Megacorp store is right after you have acquired the Dynamo gadget. You will use it to get up to a higher level and then you will walk through a big door. It’s here the store begins so start smashing everything with Hyper strike ( + . You need the Box Breaker).


This is right after you have purchased the Tractor Beam from the scientist. You have to move some platforms to you can get up the cliff to your right, but instead of doing that, put them to you can get up the cliff to your left. The bolt will be right there.


After completing all 4 objectives (see your objectives by pressing ), from your ship go down the path to your right, you will notice on of the “dragon boats” have appeared, it’s will only appear when you completed the objectives. It will ride you to a cave, the Platinum bolt will be inside.

Maktar Nebula – 2 Platinum Bolts & 4 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #3: Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade – Defeat Chainblade with only the wrench.

This is easiest to do later in the game. If you have played the series before then you may get this on first try. It’s all about learning the patterns, how he moves, when he will attack etc. It’s also easier with Nanotech, Wrench and Armor upgrades.

SKILL POINT #4: Vandalize – Bust up the Maktar Resort.

There are 3 paths where you have to destroy most of the destructibles. If you are standing at your ship, then there’s a path to your left, right, and in front of you. The road to the left is leading to the Arena, the middle one is very short, and the right one leads to the limo that drives you to the Moon planet. Note that you have to destroy flying things too, use a long range weapon like the Pulse Rifle to shoot them. Slot machines can only be destroyed with explosive weapons. You need to destroy about 90-95% of the resort. Use the Hyper strike ( + ) to destroy most on your path (You need the Box Breaker).

SKILL POINT #5: 2B or not 2B hit – Kill B2 Brawler without getting hit.

This can be a bit difficult, try this later on when you have some more powerful weapons, one of the challenges in the Arena, are the same as the Skill Point – destroy the B2 without being hit. So when you are trying to beat all challenges then you will get this on the way but remember to notice the small indicators when it’s about to strike, and dodge a lot (See Note 2).

SKILL POINT #6: Clank needs a new pair of shoes – Win 300 bolts from a slot machine.

There are many slot machines on Maktar Nebula. Keep smashing them with you wrench, you need the slot machine to land on 3 “BAR” to give you 300.


When standing at your ship, take the path to your left. You will get to a limo that will drive you to another location. Then you have climb up some ledges, at the top you have to jump to bigger platform where two Thugs and some Chickenbots will be waiting. Jump onto the crates to your right and jump up on the building and behind the big pillar looking thing you’ll find you first Platinum Bolt.


When taking a ride in a Limo you’ll get to a smaller Planet. When on the planet, jump up onto roof of the limo. Then when you are looking from the limos’ left back end, you’ll see a platform with a jump pad on it. You can it without the help of Clank’s thruster pack, just try to stand on the limos’ “rocket”. Get on the platform and use the jump pad, just jump straight up, and you will fly into a Platinum bolt.

Barlow – 2 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #7: Speed demon -Beat 2:10 in the hoverbike race.

This is not as difficult as the “Speedy” Skill Point from R&C 1. This is a lot easier. You just need to remember the locations of the boost pick-ups and the shortcuts. You can do this with some seconds left over. Remember to do it on a challenge that doesn’t have weapons pickups.


The first Platinum bolt is right after the when you swam a smaller swimming section. When you get out of the water you should see a pillar in front of you with four turning platforms connected to it. If you turn around then you see a ledge on the silo you just got out from. Hang on to the ledge and shimmy all the way around it. Then you have to swing to some turning platforms and then into a cave, at the end you will find the Platinum bolt.


During any Hoverbike race, when you have to drive through some water near the beginning of the track, you will have to take a hard right, instead of going right go left, and the Platinum bolt should be right in front of you.

Endako – 2 Platinum Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #8: Destroy all breakables – Bust up the Circular City.

Same as the other “destroy everything” Skill Points, you need the Box Breaker to do this a million times easier. Go through the level when doing the Hyper Strike ( + ). You need to destroy 90-95% of the level for the Skill Point. Remember to shoot down “flying” destructibles, like signs.

SKILL POINT #9: Operate Heavy Machinery – Destroy 10 robots with the crane.

When progressing normally you’ll come to this section. You will be in control of a crane. Use it to pick up the big crate and start dropping it on the the Sweeper bots. There should be just enough enemies for the skill point.


This can be a bit hard to describe. This is where you are controlling a crane. There will be a locked door above ground level that can be blown up. It’s easiest to spot if you first of leave the console, and then spotting the doorway. To blow up the door – place the solid crate under the door, and then place the explosive crate on top of it. The Platinum bolt is in the room.


When you are going to Clank’s apartment, you will encounter a Thug in a helicopter, from here you go left, and you have to jump a small gap. At the end of this path there like an yellow edge, you can jump down here to a platform where the Platinum bolt is.

Feltzin Space System – 1 Platinum Bolt


You have to complete the 4th challenge where you have to fly through some rings without missing any of them. If you miss one – restart.

Notak – 3 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #10: Planet Buster – Destroy the large floating globe.

From your ship, go down with the lift and turn left. Following this path you’ll get to a big globe with floating rings around it. You have to destroy the rings before you can blow up the globe itself.


Right at the start of the level, go left instead of going over the bridge. You will get to a building where to Thugs will jump through the glass, to the right of that building there’s a glass sign of Megacorp. Destroy the sign and behind you will your Platinum bolt.


Back at the start of the level, cross the little bridge and immediately turn left, the Platinum bolt is to your right at the end of the path.


When progressing naturally you’ll get to an area with some exploding barrels, there will be one of the Dynamo Activators. Use it and run up to the new-opened door, the Platinum bolt is inside.

Siberius – 2 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #11: You can break a Snow Dan – Kill the Snow Dan.

This is right at the beginning. You will get to a garage where a MSR 1 (spider looking bot) will spawn. Go on the ledge to the back of the garage to find the Snowman.


Near the start of the level you will get to an elevator. Take the elevator down and you see a little column. Use the Tractor Beam to drag the column onto the elevator platform and take the elevator back up. Drag the column along the path until you reach a gap in the path, then when standing on the column you will be able to reach a platform where the Platinum bolt is.


From the same elevator, don’t go down. Go to your right and stand on the edge and glide down, behind an edge you will find the next Platinum bolt.

Tabora – 3 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point


There is a Platinum bolt located in the slightly North-Eastern part of the Desert, you will find it when you are working toward the 100 crystals.


This is the easiest Platinum bolt to find in the game. At the end of the Glide course, you will get this one automatically, so it’s actually unmissable.


Inside the mining area, you have to stand on a platform to lift two others and then freeze the water to create a stair that leads to the next area. But stand on the last platform and freeze the water, go up the platforms and look left, you will see the last Platinum bolt right in front of you.

SKILL POINT #12: Heal your chi – Get all crystals.

You will have fun when going for this Skill Point. It’s not frustrating at all. The area isn’t too big, and the crystals are easy to spot, just go around the area systematically. You can get crystals in to ways, finding them or killing the big flying bugs that spawn from the ground. These spawn locations are easy to see. It will take about 17-23 minutes to get this.

Dobbo – 2 Platinum Bolts & 3 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #13: Old Skool – Kill all enemies with only the weapons from Ratchet and Clank 1.

The weapons you can use are:

  • Bomb Glove
  • Decoy Glove
  • Tesla Claw
  • Visibomb Gun
  • Walloper
  • Wrench (yes, you can use your wrench)

You need to use the teleporter near your ship first, go all the way through this area killing everything, at the end there will be another teleporter that teleports you back to your ship. Now, go through the level from here and kill the rest of the enemies. I recommend that you use the Visibomb from the most part, and do it from a distance.

SKILL POINT #14:- Dukes Up – Defeat mech with only melee attacks

Defeat the Thug Leader using only your melee attacks (). It may take some time, but it’s not so difficult. You should also focus on “Robo Rampage” when attempting this.

SKILL POINT #15: Robo Rampage – Destroy all buildings

You should do this at the same time of “Dukes Up”. There are many buildings on the planet, it will take some time but be patient and keep smashing.


Near the end of the Glide course where you are following a Robot, glide straight up and you will see the Platinum bolt in between the bars.


Spiderbot required. After you destroyed a tank, a versa-target will spawn. You will see a locked door right in front of you. You need to throw a Spiderbot and crawl into the vent that leads into the locked room where the bolt is, unlock the door by crawling onto the switch. Go into the unlocked room and claim you Platinum bolt.

Hrugis Cloud– 1 Platinum Bolts


You have to finish a challenge where you are flying though some rings, you need to fly through all the rings for the Platinum bolt.

Joba – 2 Platinum Bolts & 4 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #16: That’s impossible! – Beat the impossible challenge.

This is a rather time consuming challenge. It takes around 20 minutes to complete this challenge. There are a total of 60 waves to this challenge, you should try this later on when you have better weapons, the Shield Charger will really help with this, especially if it’s upgraded! It isn’t as difficult as it may sounds. You get 200,000 bolts for completing the challenge.

SKILL POINT 17: How fast was that? – Beat 2:27 in the hoverbike race.

Another time related Skill Point. This time it’s just on another track, you just need to do the same. Learn the locations of boost pick-ups and shortcuts.

SKILL POINT #18: Wrench Ninja II: Massacre – Kill all enemies with only the wrench.

This is really hard to do on the first visit of the planet. You should visit the planet again later in the game when your Nanotech is levelled up. Also on a second visit there won’t be so many enemies as there were on the first visit. Note that you also have to kill the enemies in the “secret” area. It’s after climbing some ledges you will get outside, in front you is a turret, turn right right immediately and you will see a Swingshot point, swing over and kill the enemies there too.

SKILL POINT #19: Bye bye birdies – Kill 12 birds.

The birds are flying around. They are all over the place, you have to be every place to find all of them, and they aren’t too hard to spot.


After climbing so ledges and getting outside, a turret will in front of you and shooting at you. Look right and you’ll see a Swingshot target, swing over and follow the path and you will get your Platinum bolt at the end.


When have gotten the Levitator upgrade for Clank, fly straight up and the Platinum bolt will be at the top of a tower.

Todano – 3 Platinum Bolts & 3 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #20: Nothing to see here – Destroy all Megacorp rockets during the tour.

There are a total of 4 rockets doing the tour, they are big and red, and you will walk past all 4 when progressing through the level at the start. They will take some hits with the wrench. Don’t do this at the same time of “You’re my hero” as the rockets will fall and kill the tourists.

SKILL POINT #21: You’re my hero – Prevent any tourists from being killed during the tour.

This can be a little annoying. Don’t use any weapons, because then you might by accident kill a tourist. You should only use your wrench to kill the enemies. The only enemies are the Squirrels. Kill them all with you wrench before they get to the tourists, and don’t destroy any of the big rockets, because they will fall down and kill some tourists.

SKILL POINT #22: Try to sleep – Turn 16 Squirrels into sheep.

From your ship you will encounter some Squirrels, use the Sheepinator to turn them into sheep. The last Squirrels, are right after you take the lift up (The lift is located at the end of the Tour). If you don’t get enough Squirrels, then re-visit the planet later on. You don’t have to do it on one visit.


At the start of the level a robot representing Fizzwidget will be doing a tour with some tourists. At the end of the tour will Fizzwidget open a door and disappear. Inside the newly opened room is your first Platinum bolt.


This is in the room with the conveyor belts and force fields. I recommend that you get this when you have completed all missions on this planet, because then will the force fields be turned off and this will be simpler to get this bolt. Use the Tractor Beam to move the two columns too you can use them to jump up to the ledge that you couldn’t reach before. The ledge is indicated with a yellow/black striped panel. Follow this path, destroy the Inspector bot, and at the end you will meet the Captain Qwark fan and you Platinum in the room beside him.


Spiderbot required. In the room with the force field and belts again. Use the smallest column to get to the conveyor belt, jump onto the second belt, and throw a Spiderbot on the first conveyor belt. If you look around while controlling the Spiderbot then you;ll see an air vent, follow it into a room and step on the button to open the door. As Ratchet, go too this room and get the 2nd Platinum bolt. You can jump from the conveyor belt you are standing on to the platform where the room is located.

Boldan – 3 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #23: No schocking developments – Ride the grind rail without getting hit.

This can be a bit difficult. As most Skill Points – learn the pattern, you need to know when you have to be in the middle, when you have to jump etc. If you get hit, then jump off and die. Good luck with this, may take some tries.


Spiderbot required. Take the center path from your ship to get to a wall made of glass, it’s a bit hard to miss, behind the glass is a Platinum bolt. On the other side is a little hole, use your Spiderbot to crawl through and open the entrance to the bolt.


Following the same path, you will get to an arrow with some enemies and lots of crates, go up the elevator, from here you should see a platform with enemies, you have to use the Swingshot to get over there, but instead of swinging over, look slightly down to you left. You should spot the elevator looking platform with the Platinum bolt on it. Use your gliding ability to get to it.


You need to go back for this. This is in the room where Ratchet & Clank are captured. It up on a ledge behind the Fizzwidget robot, use the Swingshot to get up there and get the Platinum bolt.

Aranos – 1 Platinum Bolt & 0 Skill Points


When you are at your ship, look out towards the edge, jump down, turn 180 degrees and glide simultaneously. You will be gliding down to a platform far below you where your only Platinum bolt for this level will be.

Gorn – 1 Platinum Bolt & 0 Skill Points


As with the two other flying levels, you have to complete the challenge with rings, without missing any of them. This particular one has 53 rings.

Snivelak – 1 Platinum Bolt & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #24: Moving Violation – Destroy 14 ships.

You can get this when you come to a Vendor near a big bridge, go out to the side and look for some ships. The ships just keep spawning. Use the Pulse Rifle to destroy them. When don’t have any more ammo, then walk over to the Vendor and buy ammo.


This is when you get to a huge bridge, its right at an Armor & Weapon vendor. Look to your right and you should see a lot of Dynamo activators. You have to activate these as you move up. You need to activate them while in the air, because the activators turn the platforms to you can continue though they don’t stay turned for long but it isn’t too difficult, just be quick on your feet.

Smolg – 2 Platinum Bolts & 0 Skill Points


This is in the big warehouse with all the crates. Use the Dynamo to make a crate roll down a conveyor belt. Jump on the crate and then jump again up to two stacks of crates, wall jump on these to get up. From here you see two other stacks of crates, walk between them and you will see the Platinum bolt a little to your left.


This is when you are flying using the Levitator pack. At the 3rd Levitator panel, fly slightly up to your left, and you should have exactly enough fuel to reach a platform. The bolt should be right there.

Damosel – 2 Platinum Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #25: Midtown Insanity – Complete grinding sequence without getting hit.

This is easier than the other grinding Skill Point. There are some Protopets on the rails, whack ’em down with your wrench (). If there’s 3 Protopets standing right after each other, then just spam  and you kill all of them without getting hit. There aren’t any difficult parts to this. It may look pretty extreme when you are playing through it and be a little confusing but you should be able to do it in some few tries.

SKILL POINT #26: Safety Deposit – Rescue all tourists at the bank.

At some point you get to a bank. There will be 4 tourists at the ground floor. Watch out that you don’t blow them up with your weapons by accident. There will be 2 enemies at the ground floor, use the Lancer to take them out, this way you won’t kill the tourists. From the ground floor use your Pulse Rifle to kill the last enemies up at the “balcony”.


This is in the bank where you can get the “Safety Deposit” Skill Point. There will be a fountain of water to your right, freeze the water and grind over the ice to find your Platinum bolt.


Hypnomatic required. This is when you are outside at a big pyramid looking structure. Use the Hypnomatic to take control of one of the robots on top of the pyramid, move to the front wall of the pyramid and detonate it to reveal a room with the Platinum bolt.

Grelbin – 3 Platinum Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #27: Be a Moon Child – Collect all 101 Crystals

Same as “Heal your chi”, this time there’s just one more crystal. The whole icy desert isn’t available from the start. You need to complete the level to make some small paths up to the bigger area with the last crystals. Remember when at the building at the end of the level, there will a vehicle you can use to drive around the desert. You can also use your Charge Boots to get around quickly.


At the end when you completed a series of water chambers, dive into the last chamber, and follow a tunnel into another chamber where the Platinum bolt will be in the corner.


There will be two tubes where some robots will spawn. It’s the second to last room from the teleporter. In this room there will be a robot that you can control with the Hypnomatic, use the robot to step on a button to open the door. Go inside and your Platinum bolt.


This is in the big icy desert with all the crystals. Look on the map for two thick parallel lines with a black spot in between them. That’s where the Platinum bolt is.

Yeedil – 2 Platinum Bolts & 0 Skill Points


At the very start of the level, there will be a big suspension bridge, you can grind on the supports. Grind on the right one and jump at the top reach the Platinum bolt.


Near the end you will find yourself in a room with very big columns, and Trooper enemies and some tanks. Use the Tractor Beam on one of the pillars to you right (Look for the Tractor Beam target). Move it out of the way and climb the ledges, and at the top there will be some grind rails. Complete the small grinding sequence and you will glide right into it in at the end.

General Skill Points

SKILL POINT #28: Nano to the max – Max out Ratchet’s Nanotech (Health).

There’s a total of 80 Nanotech “lives”. You get 1 each time you level up, you level up by killing enemies. The bar that represents your progress is right under your lives – It has a red/yellow color. You can also upgrade you Nanotech by collecting Nanotech upgrades; there are only 10 of them in the game.

SKILL POINT #29: Weapon Envy – Buy all weapons and fully upgrade them.

You upgrade weapons by using them on enemies. Try avoiding using upgraded weapons to you can get this fast as possible. You need to purchase all weapons in the game (excluding Clank Zapper) and upgrade them (those that can be upgraded). The weapons that can’t be upgraded is the weapons from R&C 1 (Bomb Glove, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, and Walloper). Then there’s two other weapons that can’t be upgraded, these are RYNO II & Zodiac.

I have made a list for the required weapons for the trophy and what they cost in bolts:

  • Blitz Gun (15,000)
  • Bomb Glove (1,000)
  • Bouncer (100,000)
  • Chopper (5,000)
  • Decoy Glove (5,000)
  • Gravity Bomb (Free)
  • Hoverbomb Gun (100,000)
  • Lancer (Free)
  • Lava Gun (25,000)
  • Minirocket Tube (50,000)
  • Miniturret Glove (25,000)
  • Plasma Coil (150,000)
  • Pulse Rifle (20,000)
  • RYNO II (1,000,000)
  • Seeker Gun (5,000)
  • Sheepinator (Free)
  • Shield Charger (100,000)
  • Spiderbot Glove (15,000)
  • Synthenoid (65,000)
  • Tesla Claw (8,000)
  • Visibomb Gun (15,000)
  • Walloper (8,000)
  • Zodiac (1,500,000)

Note: The Weapons don’t need to be upgraded to Mega or Ultra, but only once (It’s orange when it’s upgraded once).

SKILL POINT #30: Nice Ride – Fully upgrade Ratchet’s ship.

Ship upgrades, weapons and shields costs Raritanium, not bolts. You get Raritanium for defeating enemies in the these levels:

  • Feltzin System
  • Hruglis Cloud
  • Thug-4-less fleet

Here’s the list of upgrades you need to purchase for your ship:

  • Triple boost acceleration engine (15 Raritanium)
  • Fusion laser cannons (30 Raritanium)
  • Electro-Mine launcher (10 Raritanium)
  • Mega-Mine launcher (20 Raritanium)
  • Fast-Lock missile launcher (20 Raritanium)
  • Torpedo launcher (10 Raritanium)
  • Multi-Torpedo launcher (20 Raritanium)
  • Advanced shielding system (20 Raritanium)
  • Ultra-Charge shielding system (40 Raritanium)
  • Nuclear detonation device (60 Raritanium)
  • Hyperspace warp system (45 Raritanium)