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There is a total of 324 Collectibles in the new Dead Space Remake. Below is a list with the different type of Collectibles and how many of each you need for the different trophies. You need to keep an eye out for certain Collectibles on your first playthrough. Look out for Schematics, Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Nodes, Side Missions and Chapter-specific Trophies.

Everything on the USG Ishimura (except Collectibles and a Trophy earned in Chapter 9) can be collected up until the point of no return in Chapter 11, except certain Logs triggered by certain actions in different Chapters. At the end of Chapter 11 you’ll be prompted with a dialogue box asking you if you want to leave the ship.

NOTE: All Collectibles carry over to New Game Plus along with Nodes and Credits you get for completing the game. Reach the 1st Shop in New Game Plus to recieve all your collected items and gear.

Collectibles by type

  • 188 Logs – 150 Needed for :bronze: Story Teller and :bronze: Legend Teller 
  • 13 Schematics – 12 Needed for :bronze: Merchant 
  • 9 Weapons – :bronze: Full Arsenal 
  • 21 Weapon Upgrades – :silver: Built To Order 
  • 6 Suit Upgrades – Needed for :gold: Maxed Out 
  • 67 Nodes – 189 total needed for :gold: Maxed Out, which you need to go into New Game Plus to find/buy enough Nodes
  • 3 Side Missions – :silver: Full Clearance, :silver: Final Regeneration and :silver: Whole Again 
  • 5 Chapter-specific Trophies –
  • 12 Marker Fragments (New Game Plus) – 1 Needed for :bronze: Marked, all needed for :silver: Reunion

Most Logs will come naturally through normal play, some of them are missable and require certain actions before they trigger. Story Logs that play throughout the story counts towards your progress for a total of 150 Logs.

Schematics are found around the USG Ishimura. You need to return them to the shop to purchase new Suits are Weapon Upgrades. They are also tied to fully upgrading everything for the trophy :gold: Maxed Out.

I recommend completing the 3 Side Missions on your first playthrough,. You can complete all 3 up until the end of Chapter 11 (point-of-no-return), along with all other Collectibles – except upgrades and Marker Fragments, you will get the Trophies related to those Collectibles in NG+.

All-in-one Collectible Video Guide


New Game Plus Collectibles

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