Evil West All Collectibles Guide – 100% Completion

Welcome to Evil West! This guide all collectibles in the game. All collectibles besides Lore are needed for 100%. There is a total of 403 collectibles spread across 16 Chapters.

Collectibles by type:

  • 60 Lore
  • 312 Cash
  • 21 Chests
  • 8 Hidden Perks
  • 2 Weapon Upgrades

Trophies Earned following this guide:

  • trophy Boys’n’Toys – Have all Weapon Upgrades activated at the same time [Silver]
  • trophy Chest Nuts – Pick up all cash on all missions [Silver]
  • trophy Field Agent – Find all hidden perks [Silver]

NOTE: Nothing is missable because of chapter select. All collectibles are saved as soon as you pick them up.

Cash are used for buying weapon upgrades. Cash is automatically picked it up from the ground when you walk over it, or found in smaller chests. There is not enough cash in the game to afford all weapon upgrades, that´s why you´ll need almost 2 full playthroughs. After completing the game you can start a New Game+ playthrough while keeping all your upgrades.

Lore are not needed for any trophies. Collecting all lore gives you more info about the story as a whole. Then we have the big chests – they hold different kinds of colletibles or costume parts. Most noticeably they contain hidden perks. Some of these perks are good to have for your New Game+ playthrough on Evil Difficulty.

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