Ratchet & Clank HD All Skill Points & Gold Bolts Guide

Ratchet & Clank HD Gold Bolts and Skill Points Guide

Welcome to the amazing universe of Ratchet & Clank. There is a total of 40 Gold Bolts to collect and 30 Skill Poitns to earn. Below you will find a video of each planet along with a text description. I hope you´ll have fun enjoying this timeless classic.

Novalis – 3 Gold Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #1: Take Aim – Destroy a fighter or bomber.

Devastator is required. You can see them above you when standing at your ship. They are moving pretty fast and are difficult to hit, so be patient. I recommend using the Devastator or maybe Visibomb? So fly back to this planet when you have the weapon.


From your ship, go into the cavern with all the water. Jump up all the rocks until you get into a room with some Peckbots, there will be some steps, right by these steps there will two walls close enough for you to wall jump. At the top you will find your first Gold Bolt.


Near your ship and the water cavern, there will be another path that leads to a Bolt you have to turn to open a door. Follow this path into the cavern, where there will be some pools. After a short swim, you will be in a room with three pools, and a locked a door at the end. Locate a week wall at the left side of the door and destroy it with an explosive weapon. The Bolt will be in the newly opened room.


Hydropack required. This is when you are following the main path (the path where you get the Info-bot that gives you access to the next level). Continue, and you will get to some water that runs under the bridge, use the Hydropack to swim against the stream and into a tunnel. Follow this tunnel and defeat the enemies on the way and you will find your last Gold Bolt for this level at the end.

Kerwan – 3 Gold Bolts & 3 Skill Points


When you get to the Gadgetron vendor, jump over the railing to and land on a ledge below. You will be in a tunnel where some ships will be flying through. The Gold Bolt will be in the middle of the tunnel.

SKILL POINT #1: Strike a Pose – Stand between the legs of Al’s Roboshack statue.

You need to purchase the Heli-pack from Al to progress. The statue that you need stand on is on top of his shack. After purchasing the Heli-pack go through the door, follow the short Heli-pack tutorial you will get to a lift, and after this you have to glide to a platform, kill some few enemies and up a 2nd lift. From here (after killing the enemies at the top) turn left and stand on the other side of the railing. From here you can see Al’s Roboshack, glide down there and land on the roof, and stand between the statues legs.


This is after you go up some stairs that moves up. There will be some luggage to you right, this is near the train. Jump on the luggage, and all the way down to the end. You will see the Gold Bolt in front of you. It’s really easy to see.

SKILL POINT #2: Qwarktastic – Destroy the Qwark robot.

Devastator or Visibomb Gun is required. From your ship go to your left, and you will come across a robot looking like Captain Qwark. He stands at the big obstacle course. Use an powerful explosive weapon to destroy the robot.


This is at the Qwark obstacle course. When you get to the highest point, looking at the wire you have to slide down on, turn 180 and look to your right. Try spot a big building with a lot of crates. Glide down to the building and the Gold Bolt will be inside.

SKILL POINT #3: Blimpy – Destroy a blimp.

Devastator is required. This blimp flies around the city, just look in the air and try to spot it, it’s pretty easy to find. Shoot one down with the Visibomb or Devastator.

Aridia – 4 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points

Ratchet & Clank HD All Gold Bolts & Skill Points Aridia

SKILL POINT #1: Transported – Destroy three flying Transports.

You can see them in the sky when standing at your ship. Use the Blaster if you want it early (its only close range, takes longer) or use the Devastator to destroy these with lock-on. Use 1st person view to aim at them.

SKILL POINT #2: Swing it! – Swing all six targets without touching the ground.

This is when you are progressing normally (following the left path that requires the Swingshot). You will get to a room with six versa-targets. This is really easy, use the Swingshot to the first target then quickly turn your body () towards the next target and attach to it with . Keep doing it to you get to the top. Look around the area first to you know the locations.


After you used the Swingshot to get the Trespasser. When you look down, you’ll see a fan moving counter clockwise, jump down on it (it’s moving slow). The Gold Bolt is on the middle of the fan.


This is from Skids’ Agent, backtrack a little bit, there’s a big puddle of mud between you and the piece of land. Jump to the top of a wall with +. From this piece of wall you can jump to the land, from here you should see a truck. The Gold Bolt is on the truck.


(Magnetboots required) From Skid’s Agent, walk up the magnet panels to the left and grab the Gold Bolt in the building.


This is when have to defeated all the enemies for Skid. There will be a metal grid that you can look through, on the other side is the Gold Bolt. From the grid go left and look for a weak wall, destroy the wall with an explosive weapon and grab the Bolt.

Eudora – 1 Gold Bolt & 1 Skill Point


This is near your ship. Go to the right path, there will be two “steps”, turn around and look up, there should be a ledge. The Gold Bolt will be on this ledge. Use + with the Heli-pack to get to it.

SKILL POINT #1: Any ten – Destroy any ten vehicles.

There are some ships flying around in the sky, destroy 10 for the Skill Point. Use Blaster, Devastator or Visibomb as usual.

Nebula G34– 2 Gold Bolts & 1 Skill Point


This is in the big circular room with all the frog mutants. Use the Heli-pack boost jump (R1+X) to an upper ledge to your right, locate the “cage” with an open door, inside lays the first Gold Bolt.

SKILL POINT #1: Girl Trouble – Kill the Alien Queen using only using the Wrench.

This is really easy! She has two attacks, a straight attack where she tries to bite you, and then she can summon smaller enemies. When she tries to bite, go to one of her sides and do a 1-2-3 whack with the Wrench. She turns around and tries to bite you, walk to her site and repeat. She will summon some “friends” two times during the fight. Use the Wrench throw to kill these. After they are dead, she will start biting again.


O2 mask required. This is where you were playing Clank on the first visit. You will follow a small green path. Then you will be in a ship with 1 enemy. From here is the other ship with all the blue boxes.Jump onto the ledge on the ship, it’s to the right. Around here is the Gold Bolt.

Rilgar/Blackwater City – 2 Gold Bolts & 3 Skill Points


This is at the force fields. Go to the platform that get pushed up by steam, from this platform, jump to the “walls” of the force fields, follow these until you get to the back right corner, jump down here to get the Gold Bolt.

SKILL POINT #1: Tricky – Do a “Twisty McMarx” in a hoverboard race.

To do a Twisty McMarx – Press  and . You need to do a roll holding each button in one jump. At some point during a race you will come to a big red ramp, the ramp is located right after some slime monsters (green looking ones).

SKILL POINT #2: Speedy – Beat hoverboard challenge in 1.35 seconds or less.

This is the hardest Skill Point in the game if you ask me, you need hit almost every boost pad, and remember to cut the turns by jumping. Also do a lot of tricks whilst airborne, this will net you some boost that you manually can trigger by pressing . This will take some tries! You will also get a Gold trophy for achieving this SP.

SKILL POINT #3: Cluck, cluck – Turn a Tank into a chicken.

O2 mask & Morph-o-ray is required. You need the Morph-o-Ray for this. The Tanks shoots out green toxic gas. Turn it into a chicken for the Skill Point. Remember to equip the O2 oxygen mask, then the gas won’t hurt you.


O2 mask required. This is in the area where you had to run from the rising water. When you return to this area it will still be flooded. Swim through the area until you have to go up to your left, go to your right and down into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to get your Gold Bolt at the end.

Umbris – 2 Gold Bolts & 0 Skill Points


The first Bolt is after some versa-targets and the 2nd turret with all the fences, you will see a locked door to your right. At the side of this building, there are a ledge, jump to it. There will be 3 buttons here, step on all 3 and go back to the door and it will have opened. Go inside for your Gold Bolt.


When you have to empty basins of water, you will be going through a pipe, and then up some steps. As soon as you get out of the pipe, stick to the wall to your right, jump up the steps, and look down at the railing. You should see your last Gold Bolt at the bottom.

Batalia – 2 Gold Bolts & 3 Skill Points


This is at the beginning; there will be a door where you can use your Trespasser to open a locked door. Wall-jump here to the top of the building to get your Bolt.


This is after the first tank you come across. Go over the bridge and then to your right of the building, there will be some ledges. Go up these ledges and use + to jump to the other platforms. Follow the path and you will get to your Gold Bolt.

SKILL POINT #1: Jumper – Complete the grinding sequence without getting hit.

Look out for mines, obstacles and be sure not to fall down. There’s no easy way to tackle this, just be patient and keep trying. But its not to difficult, did it on 4th try.

SKILL POINT #2: Accuracy counts – Destroy a Fighter with the turret.

The turret is at the end of the level, you used it to destroy some bombers. Now, jump into the turret and use it to destroy a fighter that flies in the sky. I found it easiest to hold your aim at the same point where a fighter keep flying past, and wait for the fighter to fly through your sight and then fire.

SKILL POINT #3: Eat Lead – Use a Sand Mouse to destroy all tanks.

Sonic Summoner is required. A Sand Mouse is a little blue alien in a UFO. It spawns from small “antennas” in the ground. Equip your Sonic Summoner helmet in the gadgets menu. The antenna is located at the start of the level behind the building to the right. There are two ways to do this. You can go through the level first and kill everyone except the tanks, or just get the Sand Mouse from start and go through the level. Any way, you need to return and get him again, because at some point he will disappear. He has a certain amount of shots, when his shots are spent, he will disappear. Note that the tanks need to be destroyed in one life. There are 4 tanks, 2 in the “fortress”, 1 at the first bridge near start of level, and the last tank is under the bridge near the magnet panels.

Gaspar – 2 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Destroyed – Destroy all bombers on the planet.

There will be a path with all the bombers. The path is to the right of your ship, you will glide down to a platform and continue from there. The bombers are connected to some power sources on the platforms; destroy all of them for the Skill Point.


Following the path from above, you will see the Gold Bolt at the end to your right

SKILL POINT #2 – Gunner – Destroy five ships using turrets.

There are 2 turrets, use them to shoot down the ships. Shoot in front of them because it takes some time for the shots to hit their target.


This is where you get the Pilot Helmet. You need to go back for this when you have completed the missions. From the Helmet location look down to the right of the elevator to see a volcano opening. Glide down there and follow the path for your Gold Bolt at the end. There are a lot of enemies so be sure to have enough ammo with you.

Orxon – 2 Gold Bolt & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Sniper – Kill a Screamer by shooting through a pipe.

Near the beginning of the level, the road will split (it’s at a Gadget-tron vendor). Go left here and follow the path until you jump across some round platforms and then getting to a crap looking creature, right beside it is the pipe. Look through it 1st person view and shoot the Screamer (blue creature) on the other side. It’s asleep so it should be pretty easy to hit.

SKILL POINT #2: Hey, Over Here! – Lure and enemy into and electric fence.

Taunter is required. There are 1 place to get this. When chasing the info-bot, you’ll need to use the Swingshot to get over a electric fence, where there are some crabs on the other side. Drop down the ledge so the fence is between you and the enemy. Use the Taunter, and the enemies will walk into the fence.


All missions need to be completed. This is where you where clank. Walk into the tunnel and turn left, follow this path to you get to two walls that are close to each other, they will be on your left hand side. Wall-jump to the top and get you Bolt.


Visibomb Gun is required. From you ship, take the lift behind it. Then you will be in the area with all the grenades that flies down, from here you can see the Gold Bolt. You use the Visibomb to destroy the walls behind it. There are 5 walls you need to destroy. It’s hard to manoeuvre the missile through the cave, so be patient. Note that it will cost some shots, depending on skill.When you have opened the whole cave, then go to the area where you were following the Info-bot. Follow the path and you will see the entrance to the cave to your left.

Pokitaru – 1 Gold Bolt & 2 Skill Points


The Gold Bolt is at the first boat where you have to protect the green man. It’s under that piece of land, there are a tunnel you can follow. Follow this path and you will get the Bolt at the end.

SKILL POINT #1: Buried Treasure – Destroy all underwater crates.

O2 Mask & Hydro-pack recommended. The crates are located in the big area in front of your ship. Jump in the water and start swimming to the red crates, they will countdown and explode, do this to all crates. This is not difficult just a bit time consuming locating all the crates.

SKILL POINT #2: Alien Invasion – Destroy 3 ships.

Visibomb Gun required.[/b] You can’t hit the ships with any other weapon. This is really difficult to hit these ships, they are flying extremely fast, and you will be spending some Bolts on ammo, just try to shoot in front of them, to they fly into your missile.

Hoven – 2 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Whirlybirds – Destroy 5 helicopters.

Devastator is required.[/b] The helicopters you need to destroy are those that fly around the level, use the Devastator in 1st person mode to aim at the helicopters. Wait for a green aim icon and then fire, the missile will follow the helicopters until it hits. Repeat 5 times.

SKILL POINT #2: Pest Control – kill all Anklebiters.

This is when you are taking the path to your right from your ship, there will be some enemies spawning behind a tree, follow the trees to you get further up where some Anklebiters will get out of the ground (They are white and small). Kill all of them. Use the Tesla Claw or Suck Cannon, there are really many of them.


This is in the same area as “Pest Control”. There will be a vertical platform that goes up and down. Time a wall-jump between the vertical platform and the wall, there will be a Gold Bolt at the top.


This is when you are going towards the Hydro-pack seller. At some point you will have to take some water for some tanks and use this water to flood the area, to you can get to the top. When you have filled the entire room, swim down to where you emptied the 2nd water tank, and there you will find the Bolt on a ledge that you couldn’t reach before.

Gemlik Moonbase – 1 Gold Bolt & 1 Skill Point


You can do this before completing the level but I recommend doing it afterwards. Progressing normally in the level, you will get to a room with some platforms and an “acid river” that goes up and down, you have to time your jumps to get to the other platforms. If you look to your left, then you will see a pipe with a laser fence. The laser fence is turned off when you complete the level. The Gold Bolt is in the pipe. The other way requires the Visibomb, fire a missile towards a big round building, there will be an opening, fly the missile through and destroy the tower that powers the fence to turn it off.

SKILL POINT #1: Sitting Ducks – Destroy all cargo ships.

There are a total of 8 cargo ships. 7 are outside on buildings and such. The last one is at the end of the level, it’s in a very big room with a lot of enemies. I recommend that you use the Visibomb Gun to destroy the ships but you can do it when fighting the boss. You will be flying in a ship, use the ship to destroy the 7 cargo ships that are outside.

Oltanis – 4 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Blast ’em – Destroy 3 ships.

Use the Visibom Gun or the Devastator for this. There aren’t so many ships flying around, and some of them are pretty far away.


When following the path with metal panels (left path from big statue). You will get to an icy path with a ship that shoot bombs and a robot that spawns. On this path go down to your right at the end, and drop down for your Gold Bolt.


Right after the 1st Gold Bolt. You will be shimming across a ledge, you have to pull yourself up and glide down some ice to get to the shop with the guy that sells the PDA. But instead of pulling yourself up, keep shimming to the right to you see your Gold Bolt.


When following the main path, after a grindrail you will be on a platform that leads to a round platform. From this you can use your Swingshot to get up to a ledge where the Gold Bolt is.


This is after you have purchased the PDA. A bomber will fly fast and blow up a statue, there will be a button there, press it and some versa-targets will spawn. Following the versa-targets will get you to your Gold Bolt. This swing course is the hardest in the game so watch out.

SKILL POINT #2: Shattered Glass – Destroy all street lights.

This need to be done in one life. There are 8 lights around your ship, use your blaster in 1st person view to destroy these. Take the lift down, there are 4 more lights. In the “upper city path” are there 4 and when following the path of “Gold bolt 4”, you will get past the last 6 lights.

Quartu – 2 Gold Bolts & 0 Skill Points


When you are at Clanks mother, look up to see a versa-target. Use the Swingshot and go through and get your Gold Bolt.


Codebot is required. At the arena where you were giant Clank, go all the way around to where the platform that makes clank big is. There are a locked door. Use the Codebot to open the door and get your Bolt.

Kalebo III – 2 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points


This is on the grind rail, there are three signs you need to hit with your wrench. Hitting all 3 will turn off a laser fence further down the rail where the Gold Bolt is. The first sign is after some trains. Then there will be some rails you can jump to, a piece of rail that goes in circles. this is where two of the signs are.


This is after the grindrail. From where you go off the rail, look down and there should be a portal, use it to get in a room full of chicken and a Gold Bolt.

SKILL POINT #1: Heavy Traffic – Complete the grinding sequence without getting hit.

This can be a pain. Just learn the patterns and keep trying.

SKILL POINT #2: Magician – Get over 4500 points in a single hoverbike race.

There is a glitch to do this. At the ramp near the start where you jump over the water. Land right at the right corner to get the points for your moves and then immediately into the water. You will spawn before the ramp, keep repeating until you reach 4500 points.

Drek’s Fleet – 2 Gold Bolts & 2 Skill Points

SKILL POINT #1: Sneaky – Defeat all enemies on the sneaking sequence.

This is quite annoying if you are spotted and die, then it’s all the way back to the start. The places where the robots goes in and out of the doors, take one down at a time. Near the end, there will be two robots that goes through some doors, and a robot and some robo-dogs at the button, when the robots turn around and goes through the doors, jump over the beam and kill the robot and dogs before the other two get out and spots you. A good way to do this is putting down a lot of mines. This will not blow your cover, just keep the disguise on.


Right after the sneaking section, you walked on the celling and into a room where the Infobot was. After you have the Infobot, walk back to where you walked on the celling, this time you’re just on the ground. At the end of the path is the last Gold Bolt.


This is on the underwater path. At the end where the timer is really low, about 10-20 sec. You will be going through some rings, go through all 3 and do a 180 and swim into another pipe than the one you came from, swim up here and you will get your Gold Bolt at the top.

SKILL POINT #2: Careful Cruise – Complete the swimming sequence without taking a hit.

This is quite frustrating in my opinion. I found it easiest to hold the :ri: button down and keeping your speed and never letting it go. Try anticipating where the moving obstacles will be when you get to them. It will take some tries to do. Good luck.

Veldin – 3 Gold Bolts & 1 Skill Point

SKILL POINT #1: Going Commando – Kill 10 soldiers using your wrench.

Luckily, this doesn’t need to be done in one life. Use this combo: + to kill them. They need two of these hits to die. Just kill the first pair of soldiers and jump off a ledge and repeat.


Taunter is required. This is when you have jumped two small platforms (it’s in a cave area). You will be outside and there will be a lot of enemies. Turn around to spot an electric fence. Use the Taunter to lure the enemy other side onto a button. It will open turn off the fence and you will be able to go in and get your Gold Bolt.


When you have to swing across two versa-targets, don’t do that, turn around and spot a series of platforms. Follow these to get to your Bolt.


Later on…this is in a cave area, you need to use your Swingshot to get to a green versa-target. Looking at the versa-target turn right. There’s a platform, jump on it and glide down, then a small grind rail section and then you will be at your Gold bolt.

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