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PAC-MAN WORLD RE-PAC All Collectible Locations

This guide will cover every Collectible in the game – that includes all Keys, Maze Doors, Pac-Man Letters, Gold Crowns and Family Members. There are 2 types of keys that need to be collected. The first type (blue key) is used to open cages that hold Family Members and the other type is for Mazes (there are one Maze Level in each main Level). Next collectible is the Pac-Man letters – collecting all 6 letters in one Level unlocks the Golden Crown.

Collectible overview

  • 33 Golden Crowns
  • 16 Maze Keys
  • 16 Maze Doors
  • 6 Blue Keys for Family Members
  • 6 Family Members (found in big cages)

Below you’ll find a video for each main level. There are few Levels with no collectbles, you just need to complete the Levels to earn the Gold Crown. Those Levels include 1-1, 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4.

You need to focus on collecting the 6 Letters for each main Level and 1 Maze Key (and unlock the Maze Door). Beside that, some level includes the Blue Keys and cages with Family Members (written beside the Level name).

Pirate Ship Area

There are a total of four levels in the Pirate Ship area, which include:

1-1: Buccaneer Beach

1-2: Corsair’s Cove (Blue Key)

1-3: Crazy Cannonade (Pooka)

1-4: HMS Windbag (Boss fight)

Ruins Area

The Ruins area is smaller than the others and includes only three levels:

2-1: Crisis Cavern

2-2: Manic Mines (Blue Key and Pac-Buddy)

2-3: Anubis Rex (Boss fight)

Space Area

There are a total of four levels in the Space area, including the following:

3-1: Space Race

3-2: Far Out (Blue Key and Professor Pac-Man)

3-3: Gimme Space

3-4: King Galaxian (Boss fight)

Funhouse Area

The clown-themed Funhouse area comes with four levels:

4-1 Clowning Around

4-2: Barrel Blast (Blue Key)

4-3: Spin Dizzy (Pac-Sis)

4-4: Clown Prix (Boss fight)

Factory Area

The Factory area contains a total of four levels, including:

5-1: Perilous Pipes

5-2: Under Pressure

5-3: Down The Tubes (Blue Key and Pac-Boy)

5-4: Krome Keeper (Boss fight)

Boss Mansion Area

The Boss Mansion area is the final world and it comes with the following four levels:

6-1: Ghostly Garden

6-2: Creepy Catacombs (Blue Key)

6-3: Grave Danger (Pac-Mom)

6-4: Toc-Man’s Lair (Boss fight)

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