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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Trophy Guide & Roadmap


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-22 Hours
  • Offline Trophies: (1trophy, 5trophy, 14trophy, 11trophy)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Hardest Trophies:
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1
  • Release Date: January 15th (Deluxe Edition), January 18th (Standard Edition) 2024

STEP 1: Complete the Story (6-10 Hours)

Enjoy the game and focus on the main story. This will take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, depending on your skills and accessibility options. I recommend turning on the “Guided Mode” option. This way you’ll have markers on the map showing where you need to go next.

You have the option to continue exploring and collecting Collectibles after completing the main story.

STEP 2: Complete All 9 Side Quests & Find All Required Collectibles (8-10 Hours)

Complete any remaining Side Quests and collect all Collectibles needed for trophies. Note that the 57 Lore Items are not needed for anything and can be ignored.

The following Collectibles are needed for Trophies:

  • 30 Sand Jars –  trophy Written in the Sand
  • 36 Amulets –  trophy Tools of a Prophet
  • 8 Wak-Wak Heads – trophy Tree of Life
  • 24 Soma Tree Petals –  trophy Elixir of Gods
  • 12 Amulet Slots –  trophy Glory of Faravahar
  • 9 Secret Mystery Chests – for Side Quest: The Architect (trophy Charitable Soul)
  • 8 Lost Warriors – for Side Quest: The Lost Warriors (trophy An Honorable Endtrophy A Warrior’s End)

For  trophyCharitable Soul all 9 Side Quests must be completed:

  1. Ancient Power Unearthed (Lower City)
  2. The Deserter (Hyrcanian Forest)
  3. Motherly Love (The Depths)
  4. The Moon Gatherer (Sacred Archives)
  5. Treasures of the Seven Seas (Sunken Harbor)
  6. The Impossible Climb (Upper City)
  7. Prophecy of Mount Qaf (Lower City)
  8. The Lost Warriors (Lower City)
  9. The Architect (Upper City)

STEP 3: Complete Miscellaneous Combat Trophies (1-2 Hours)

Most of the combat trophies will unlock naturally, though some can be a bit tricky or misdirected with their descriptions.

The Miscellaneous Combat Trophies are:

  • trophy Betrayal
  • trophy Shock Trooper
  • trophy Air Dancer
  • trophy Deadly Trap

Thanks for using my guide and congratulations on your new Platinum trophy

Trophy Guide

Prince of Persia

Acquire all Trophies

Aquire all other trophies to unlock the Platinum

The Maneater

Defeat the king of beasts

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

The Forest Trespasser

Defeat the otherworldly queen

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

Snake in the Sand

Defeat the banished god

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

Fists & Arrows

Defeat the artful legend

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

The Storm Master

Defeat the mighty master

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

The White Lion

Defeat the vengeful prince

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

King of Kings

Defeat the king

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

The End of Time

Defeat the god prince

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

A Warrior’s End

Defeat the old general

This trophy is tied to The Lost Warriors side quest. The side quests starts automatically when you pass the dying warrior on your way to next story objective.

You’re tasked with defeating 8 Lost Warriors hidden across the entire map. After defeating all 8 Lost Warriors you get a new objective which is to defeat the old general, marking the end of the side quest.

Time Served

Eliminate the Jailer

During the main story, you’ll get the Clairvoyance Time Power (Sacred Archives area) after a series of time clone puzzles. Head straight up from that location through a long series of wall jumps. You need to activate the Clairvoyance ability to make them appear. Follow the path to reach the Jailer.

Defeat him for the trophy Scholarship Key. The Key opens up other areas of the Secret Archives area and are also needed to reach a Lost Warrior enemy which is required for a Side Quest.

Parallel Universe

Defeat an alternate version

Story-related trophy – unmissable.

Warrior Within

Use every Athra Surge

There is a total of 10 Athra Surges in the game:

  • 4 x Level 1 attacks
  • 3 x Level 2 attacks
  • 3 x Level 3 attacks

You earn 5 of these through normal story progression, the last 5 you need to collect through boss fights and other tasks.

Glory of Faravahar

Fully upgrade the necklace

In order to fully upgrade your necklace, you need to find 9 Amulet Holders. Each Amulet Holder will add a slot to your necklace. There is a total of 9 slots to find (or earn) across the map. Some of the Amulet Holders will unlock as you complete side quests and complete all 9 Secret Chest puzzles.

Blessing of Shamshir

Fully upgrade sword and bow

Upgrading your bow and sword costs Time Crystals and Azure Damascus Ingots. There is a total of 20 Ingots in the game. You need to find (or earn) all 20 in order to afford all weapon upgrades. The highest upgrade for your sword and bow is +4.

There is no way to track which one you’re missing, so be sure to keep track of which you have collected. You could risk going over all 20 locations if you still miss one after completing everything else.

After you have collected all 20 Azure Damascus Ingots, return to Kaheva and upgrade your sword and bow to unlock the trophy.

Tools of a Prophet

Collect all amulets

There is a total of 36 Talismans in the game. Most Talismans are found in Chests, while others are rewarded for defeating bosses, completing Side Quests or purchased from a vendor.

Follow the timestamps on YouTube to find the specific Amulet you’re missing.

Elixir of Gods

Acquire all Soma Tree petals

Soma Tree Petals and Soma Tree Flowers works as the games Health Upgrades. You get 1 bar of health for each 4 Soma Tree Petals you collect. A Soma Tree Flower consists of 4 Soma Tree Petals.

There’s a total of 30 Soma Tree health Collectibles to collect:
– 6 x Soma Tree Flowers (not needed for trophy)
– 24 x Soma Tree Petals

To keep it simple, this guide will treat each Soma Tree Collectible as “1” and include both Petals and Flowers.

Tmestamps can be found on YouTube.

Cyra’s Last Hope

Find the Herbalist’s last camp

In order to reach the Herbalist’s last camp, you need the Fabric of Time. You earn this upgrade after defeating a specific story boss.

Once you have the upgrade, head to the Hyrcanian Forest. To the very east of the area, you’ll find two rings you can grab to reach the other side, here you’ll find the camp along with a Chest that contains a new Costume.

Written in the Sand

Complete the prophecy fresco

You need to find all 30 Sand Jars and return them to the Lower City area, to complete the Prophecy of Mount Qaf side quest and unlock the trophy.

The Spirited-Sand Jars are scattered across the entire map, often well hidden behind fake walls or secret areas. Luckily, you can hover over each area of the map to see how many you have collected in that area.

Timestamps can be found on YouTube.

Tree of Life

Speak with every Wak-Wak head

There is a total of 8 Wak-Wak Heads in the game. The live (or exist) in Wak-Wak Trees which serves as the game’s checkpoints (or Bonfires if you have played soulslike games). Simply interact with the 8 specific Trees in order to unlock the trophy, there’s no need to select the option “talk.”

List of Wak-Wak Heads and the area they are located in:

  • Hyrcanian Forest (Kamil)
  • The Depths (Kalux)
  • Soma Tree (Soma Tree)
  • Sacred Archives (Karim)
  • Raging Sea (Kaname)
  • Pit of Eternal Sands (Kaya)
  • Tower of Silence (Kamya)
  • Upper City (Kazra)

Spectre of the Seas

Discover the ghost ship

Before you can reach the ghost ship, you need the Fabric of Time. You earn this upgrade after defeating a specific story boss.

Head to the very east of the Soma Tree area, here you’ll discover a new map called Hidden Village. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and jump off the edge to end up on the ghost ship.

Hidden Floor

Discover a secret floor

During the main story, you’ll end up in The Depths area. Here you can find “The Scrapper.”

The Scrapper sells Amulets and a Lost Key. You need the Key to access the secret floor in the Citadel elevator. Save up 3 Xerxes coins and buy it from him.

Next time you use the elevator, it will stop at the secret floor. Head right into the new area to unlock the trophy.

The True Moon

Complete the Moon Gatherer’s quest

You find the moon gatherer in the Sacre Archives area. Talk with the man to start the side quest.

You’re tasked to find him in 4 different locations across the game. Start this quest as early as possible, that way you can complete the quest as you play through the main story. Then you don’t need to backtrack to the same areas to many times.

Follow the video for each location.

Charitable Soul

Complete every side quest

There is a total of 9 Side Quests. Game Guide coming soon..


Eliminate an enemy with the Dimensional Claw

You unlock Dimensional Claw after the Kiana, Forest Queen boss fight. The description of the trophy can be a bit misleading.

First you need to capture an enemy with the Dimensional Claw, next you want to release it again to make it fight for you – let this new ally defeat an enemy for you. This seems to work best with flying enemies. The trophy can be earned very quickly from The Haven Soma Tree.

Natural Resources

Collect 5 ores

There is a total of 20 “ores” or Damascus Azure ingots. You need to collect all of them to fully upgrade your swords and bow.

See trophyBlessing of Shamshir.

Shock Trooper

Eliminate 20 enemies with an opportunity attack

You get introduced to opportunity attacks early in the game during the first boss fight. Enemies eyes will sometimes flash yellow, this is an indication for an opportunity attack. Parry the attack to insta-kill the enemy.

You can farm opportunity attacks from any Soma Tree. It can quickly be farmed from The Haven Soma Tree area . Head right into the next area to find a warrior. Eliminate him with an opportunity attack, run back to the Soma Tree to respawn all enemies and repeat 20 times.

An Honorable End

Defeat a Lost Warrior

See trophyA Warrior’s End.

All the Time in the World

Earn 10,000 Time Crystals

Time Crystals are dropped by all enemies, they can also be found as bigger crystals you can destroy around the world. This trophy will unlock naturally during the main story.

Air Dancer

Eliminate 30 enemies in the air

Defeat 30 enemies in the air to unlock the trophy, that means that YOU need to be airborne when you defeat the enemy. Defeating 30 flying enemies won’t unlock the trophy.

This trophy will most likely unlock naturally before you complete the main story.

Deadly Trap

Eliminate 5 enemies by throwing them into spikes

This trophy is a bit misleading. The only way you can actually throw enemies is by using the Dimensional Claw, but in order to unlock the trophy, you need to launch or kick enemies into spikes. The easiest way to unlock the trophy is by launching the enemies into spikes.

The trophy can be farmed in the Hyrcanian Forest by the Soma Tree with a Wak-Wak Head.


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