The Devil In Me: All Collectibles Guide

There is a total of 108 Collectibles to collect in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me.

Collectibles by type:

  • 50 Secrets
  • 27 Photo Opportunities
  • 13 Inventory Items
  • 13 Premonitions
  • 5 Business Cards

All Collectibles listed above are needed for 100% [Platinum]. Sadly enough, it´s impossible to collect everything in one playthrough. Some Collectibles are found in scenes where specific requirements needs to be met, before you unlock them.

NOTE: You can collect everything via Scene Selection and across multiple saves. All collectibles are saved to your profile.

The video below is separated in 3 steps.

  1. Complete the game where everyone survives while collecting evertything possible [Full playthrough]
  2. Replay from the scene “Waste Disposal” to trigger alternative scenes with new Collectibles [Partial playthrough]
  3. New playthrough in Curator´s Cut collecting the last Collectibles[Currently only a pre-order bonus, is released later for others]

If you don´t have access to Curator´s Cut after completing the Solo Story, then you have to collect the remaining Collectibles through Shared Story. It contains new scenes with a different point-of-view. For example, during the Silver Ash scene, Player 1 plays Erin while Player 2 plays Jamie in a competely new scene. Another example, during the Spa scene you will play as Mark in Curator´s Cut/Shared Story, instead of playing Jamie like in Solo Story.

The video covers all the steps and choices, to get you all Collectibles in the shortest time possible. Timestamps can be found in the YouTube description.

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