Soulstice – All Challenges Guide [DIAMOND RANK]

There is a total of 20 Challenges you need to complete achieving a Diamond Rank. Before attempting these Challenges, you need to find them all throughout the story. Click here for all collectible locations.

You need to have as many upgrades as possible – especially upgrades for Lute, they can be a lifesaver. The upgrades that increase Unity makes this a lot easier. You could attempt this trophy after completing the main game once or twice.

There are 2 challenges that are a bit different than the others. Challenge VI: Tidy and Challenge VIII: Claustrophobic 1. You need to reset some upgrades for Lute before doing these. Follow the timestamps in the video – I show you which upgrades you need to reset before challenge start.

After doing a short combo, switch weapons and repeat – this raises your Unity, and you need it as high as possible, and if you counter fast enough with O, then you get a perfect counter + more points. Perform Unity attacks as when they become available, to get your Rapture ability as fast as possible – It´s essential in some of the big challenges with many enemies on screen.

Trophies earned through Challenges:

  • trophy The touch of Chaos – Discover the first Challenge
  • trophy Settle this once and for all – Complete all Challenges
  • trophy I´ve been waiting for this – Complete all Challenges obtaining Diamond


  • 1. Challenge I – Slayer I
  • 2. Challenge II – Defensive
  • 3. Challenge III – Untouchable I
  • 4. Challenge IV – Timely
  • 5. Challenge V – Synergic
  • 6: Challenge VI – Tidy
  • 7. Challenge VII – Exorcist
  • 8. Challenge VIII – Claustrophobic I
  • 9. Challenge IX – Spectral
  • 10. Challenge X – Cautious
  • 11. Challenge XI – Flying
  • 12. Challenge XII – Untouchable II
  • 13. Challenge XIII – Poisoned
  • 14. Challenge XIV – Survivor
  • 15. Challenge XV – Bloodthirsty
  • 16. Challenge XVI – Aerial
  • 17. Challenge XVII – Rapturous
  • 18. Challenge XVIII – Claustrophobic II
  • 19. Challenge XIX – Quick
  • 20. Challenge XX – Slayer II

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