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One Piece Odyssey All 99 Yaya Cube Locations

There is a total of 99 Yaya Cubes in the game. All 99 are required for the trophy Collector. None of the Yaya Cubes are missable. You need to give 98 of the Yaya Cubes as part of a Side Story – note that this won’t void the trophy, you don’t need to have all […]

PAC-MAN WORLD RE-PAC Trophy Guide & Roadmap

STEP 1: Complete The Game + Collect Everything + Complete All Bonus Stages + Earn a Total of 765,000 Points.

Keep and eye on PAC-MAN WORLD RE-PAC All Collectible Locations when you are playing through the game. You need to collect all the Collectibles along with every pac-dot and fruit

PAC-MAN WORLD RE-PAC All Collectible Locations

This guide will cover every Collectible in the game – that includes all Keys, Maze Doors, Pac-Man Letters, Gold Crowns and Family Members. There are 2 types of keys that need to be collected. The first type (blue key) is used to open cages that hold Family Members and the other type is for Mazes […]

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – 100% DMW Guide (AFK Farming Method)

It can prove quite frustrating to get specific character´s flashback scenes to appear, luckily some materia can help you get the different characters a better chance to appear on the DMW. Below you will find a list with the different materia and which shops you can purchase them. Do note that you can find the materia in chests and get some of them as rewards for completing missions.