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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion All Collectibles Guide

Welcome to my ALL-IN-ONE Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Guide. This guide focus on all missable collectibles/trophies throughout the game. There is a total of 134 collectibles (102 Mail, 15 Shops, 12 Flower Wagon Parts, 7 Nibelheim Wonders and 5 Fan Clubs). Besides those there are some missable missions you need to accept throughout […]

The Devil In Me: All Collectibles Guide

There is a total of 108 Collectibles to collect in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me. Collectibles by type: All Collectibles listed above are needed for 100% [Platinum]. Sadly enough, it´s impossible to collect everything in one playthrough. Some Collectibles are found in scenes where specific requirements needs to be met, before you […]

Soulstice – All Challenges Guide [DIAMOND RANK]

There is a total of 20 Challenges you need to complete achieving a Diamond Rank. Before attempting these Challenges, you need to find them all throughout the story. Click here for all collectible locations. You need to have as many upgrades as possible – especially upgrades for Lute, they can be a lifesaver. The upgrades […]

The Callisto Protocol – All Collectibles Guide

There is a total of 43 collectibles in The Callisto Protocol. Everything is missable and there are no chapter-select. I would highly recommend, that you make a manual save at least once per chapter. The collectibles are spread across a total of 8 chapters. It would take the average player about 8-10 hours to complete […]

Evil West All Collectibles Guide – 100% Completion

Welcome to Evil West! This guide all collectibles in the game. All collectibles besides Lore are needed for 100%. There is a total of 403 collectibles spread across 16 Chapters. Collectibles by type: Trophies Earned following this guide: NOTE: Nothing is missable because of chapter select. All collectibles are saved as soon as you pick […]

Marvel´s Midnight Suns Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Start the game on any difficulty, put it on Story Difficulty (Easiest Difficulty available) if you want less frustrations throughout. The game can be a bit challenging on Normal Difficulty at times. The most important part about your initial playthrough, is picking an alignment (Light or Dark) and sticking with it throughout the game. See A Shining Light for more.

Marvel´s Midnight Suns – All Reagent Locations

There are a total of 13 Reagents to find in Midnight Suns. The first 12 can be found in each of their own general area – I included multiple areas for some of them. The last Reagent Wundagore Everbloom only spawns during “Waxing Moon.” Open your map and check the top right corner after a […]