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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Minerva Boss Guide

Welcome to my Minerva boss guide. Minerva is the secret boss in mission 9-6-6: The Reigning Deity. This boss might seem difficult at first, but there is a easy way to cheese the boss. There´s no need to max your stats. Defeating Minerva will grant you the Divine Slayer Accessory and the trophy Divine Rule […]

Plague Tale Requiem All Collectibles Guide

Welcome to my Plague Tale Requiem all collectible locations guide. This guide shows you all 104 collectibles in chronological order. Everything can be collected in the first playthrough. Collectibles by type: Souvenirs are conversations that you can trigger with a button press. Some souvenirs becomes available when you´ve performed certain actions. Then we have the […]

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion All Collectibles Guide

Welcome to my ALL-IN-ONE Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Guide. This guide focus on all missable collectibles/trophies throughout the game. There is a total of 134 collectibles (102 Mail, 15 Shops, 12 Flower Wagon Parts, 7 Nibelheim Wonders and 5 Fan Clubs). Besides those there are some missable missions you need to accept throughout […]

The Devil In Me: All Collectibles Guide

There is a total of 108 Collectibles to collect in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me. Collectibles by type: All Collectibles listed above are needed for 100% [Platinum]. Sadly enough, it´s impossible to collect everything in one playthrough. Some Collectibles are found in scenes where specific requirements needs to be met, before you […]

Soulstice – All Challenges Guide [DIAMOND RANK]

There is a total of 20 Challenges you need to complete achieving a Diamond Rank. Before attempting these Challenges, you need to find them all throughout the story. Click here for all collectible locations. You need to have as many upgrades as possible – especially upgrades for Lute, they can be a lifesaver. The upgrades […]